Agroforestry Links

More and more tree growers are developing their own web sites. Some are tree growing professionals whilst others are just tree growers. In this field experience counts for a lot.

Australian grower groups, networks and organisations

The Otway Agroforestry Network

Rowan and Andrew Stewart founded the Otway Agroforestry Network in 1993. It is now the largest group of its type in Australia and a leading innovator in community development. LINK


Hunter Valley Farm Forestry Network - regional landholder group


Australian Forest Growers is Australia's principle private forest growers organisation

Australian Research and Development Organisations

The Joint Venture Agroforestry Program is no longer with us but the research undertaken over a period of more than ten years is still available on the RIRDC web site. Click on the link and go to 'publications'.

Australian Low Rainfall Tree Improvement Group - R&D into the genetics of low rainfall native timbers.

International Agroforestry Sites

The Trees-4-Trees is a non-profit Foundation established in Indonesia by responsible timber product manufacturers and their customers worldwide. Trees-4-Trees empowers local communities through partnership reforestation initiatives and related education programs. Their activities include recruiting new planters, producing seedlings, monitoring planted trees, training field coordinators, providing education for land owners and in schools.

World Agroforestry Centre - International Agroforestry Research and Development. Emphasis on developing countries and poverty alleviation

/edit/images_hr/AGROFORESTRY.NET.JPG, Not for profit organisation with a focus on the Pacific Islands