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Bambra Agroforestry Guided Farm Tours

NEXT FARM TOUR: Monday 5th Nov. 10.30am-1.00pm, 2018  BOOKINGS

Optional extra: Afternoon tour of Yan Yan Gurt West (Andrew and Jill Stewart) farm (only 4km from Bambra)

If you want to talk about us running a custom tour for your group please Contact Rowan. We can also include other farms and nurseries in the region.

Bambra Agroforestry Farm - Rowan Reid

We planted our first trees in 1987. My idea was to establish an outdoor education centre for agroforestry where landholders could explore the opportunities to integrate commercial trees into their farming landscape for conservation, aesthetics and profit.

I wanted to make the act of planting trees - and cutting them down for high quality timber - attractive to farmers.

We now have thousands of trees, of more than 50 species. We manage them for timber, bushfood, seed and other products while they also provide shelter, erosion control, fire protection and beautification

Since our first field day in 1988, more than 10,000 guests - farmers, small landholders, students, professionals and international guests - have toured the farm to learn about species selection, establishment, tree protection, pruning, thinning, harvesting and, more recently, sawmilling and timber drying.



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Rowan has been an inspiration to many landholders in my region as well as throughout Australia and internationally.

Rowan's work is about trees in the landscape not competing with, but supporting agriculture.

"Rowan's farm tours are like a university course on tree growing presented in the paddock; there is nothing quiet like it, I learnt so much"

What you'll see:

Each tour will include:

- introduction to a wide range of commercial tree species growing in multipurpose plantings

- discussion of the timber qualities of more than 30 native and exotic tree species, their use and values.

- explanation of how growing trees for profit can protect and enhance soil quality, biodiversity, animal welfare and property values while also reducing the fire hazard.

- demonstration of how I establish, protect, prune and thin our trees for high quality furniture-grade timber

- explanation of how we selectively harvest, mill and dry our timber (due to safety and time constraints I will not be running machinery during the farm tours - if you are interested please consider attending our "Grow-your-own-furniture" course, see below)

Where?: Our Bambra Agroforestry Farm is located in the Eastern Otways in southern Victoria. It will take you about 1.5 hours from the West Gate Bridge in Melbourne. Detailed directions will be provided when you register for the tours.


About Rowan Reid

Rowan Reid (B.For.Sci. & M.For.Sci.) is a forester amongst farmers. His passion for trees began as a child in the coastal eucalypt forests of southern Victoria and has led to a life teaching and working with farmers around the world. Rowan won the 2001 Australian Eureka Prize for Excellence in Environmental Education for his farmer course (The Australian Master TreeGrower), which he continues to deliver around Australia and internationally (Africa, Timor Leste, Indonesia etc.). A Senior Lecturer at the University of Melbourne for 20 years, Rowan continues his academic teaching and research as a Senior Fellow of the university and the Managing Director of the Australian Agroforestry Foundation (a not-for-profit organisation). Since the publication of Agroforestry in Australiaand New Zealand(1985), Rowan has written or co-authored eight other books and is an internationally recognised leader in farmer education and extension.


Most importantly, Rowan is also a farmer and tree grower in his own right with over 30 years' experience on his own family farm in the Otway Ranges of southern Victoria and as a founder of one of Australia's largest and most successful Landcare groups, the Otway Agroforestry Network. More than 10,000 visitors have toured his Bambra Agroforestry Farm, which is set up as a 42-hectare outdoor classroom for farmers, scientists, students and tree lovers, and a living laboratory for his own learning.

Private Group Tours and Consultancies

We can run tours and deliver tailored courses for groups by private arrangement. CONTACT Rowan for details.

I can do private consultantions for landholders. I like clients to first visit our farm before I visit their property and prepare a report that addresses their tree planting needs. CONTACT Rowan for details.

I am available to do institutional consultancies for government, industry and community groups on any aspect of agroforestry research and development. CONTACT ROWAN for more information